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How to choose a Stall Bar?




Things to consider when choosing a Stall Bar:

1. What height and width to choose for the stall bar?         

If you’re 5’11” (180 cm) tall, a 6’7” (200 cm) Stall Bar might be too short for you as some exercises require full extension of the your arms above your head.

So to determine the stall bar height that would work best for you measure your height with your arms raised (see sketch below). The stall bar height should be over what you just measured
For ex: if you’re 6’ (183 cm) tall you should consider buying a 7’10” (240 cm) stall bar. 

2. What material should I choose?                

Note: All our stall bars, regardless the material, are TÜV certified.
These are the materials and shapes available:
laminated spruce sides and beech bars  (codes 253-8,253,221,221-Reha , 262, 216, 250 )
           code 253-8                    code 253                              code 221                     code 221-REHA
       CODE 216                         CODE 262                              CODE 250
-laminated beech sides and beech bars  (codes 253-Reha, 221-F, 221-F-Reha , 216F, 280 )
CODE 253-REHA         CODE 221-F       CODE 221-F-REHA                  CODE 216F               CODE 280    
- laminated oak sides and oak bars  (codes 221-E , 279,  279-R )
CODE 221-E                          CODE 279                             CODE 279R
- stall bars made ​​entirely of metal ( Metal - codes 221, 221-Gladiator , Gladiator 231-90)
CODE  221-Metal                       CODE 221-Gladiator            CODE 231-Gladiator-90
All of these types are resistant to the weight (150 Kg Wood and 200 Kg metal)
The main disadvantage of the laminated spruce is that if you accidentally hit with a hard object , it will leave a mark on it. It doesn’t apply to the beach and oak ones.
Choosing the stall bar material could also depend on the surrounding furniture.

3. Round or oval bars?                             


        Oval Bars                                          Round Bars
It depends on the hand size of the person using the stall bar.
Children or people with smaller hands is better to choose a stall bar with round bars. The persons with bigger hands it is recommended to choose the  oval bars.

4. How do we choose where to mount the stallbar?            

First we need to keep in mind that the wall is weight -resistant.
Secondly it is best to assemble in an area with good lighting .

5.Why choosing a stall bar made out of wood or metal?           

Usually those who choose metal stall bars are CrossFit coaches or Body Building or people who have done gymnastics and fitness on metal equipments.
Those who choose a stall bar for home is oriented more towards the wooden ones .

6. Do we choose a stall bar with a space at the top or without the space?

There are exercises that require a space in the above. (Eg 221,253 codes , etc.)
For example when sitting hang the third bar support the back and the space has is designed to have room for the head .
Medical rehabilitation is useful for the bars to be continuous and only the last bar to stick out. ( 221 EX.codurile Reha , 221 -F- Reha )

7. How we choose the mounting to the wall?         


    Metal brackets                                                       Strips                                       Rectangular pipe
With metal brackets or strips (ie rectangular pipe to metal ones ) ?
Both are resistant. Is more a matter of taste and depends on the wall that you have available.

8. I have found a stall bar that I like but I would prefer another dimension

We  produce customized stall bars for any dimension. You need to keep in mind that the width of the simple ones can not exceed 110 cm. If you want wider please select a double stall bar.
For the metal stall bars there is no limit to the width .
At the height there is no limit too.
But please consider that when you receive it the stall bar would have to fit in the room where you want to mount it.
When ordering a stall bar please keep in mind that it needs space for installation on height .
If your room’s height is 270 cm , do not buy a stall bar of 270 cm height. Leave  always a margin of 3-4 cm .
Also the distance between bars can be made ​​to your specifications.

9. How the stall bar is mounted on the wall?                                            

The stall bars are easily mounted on the wall with all the included accessories (screws , dowels , etc. )
At every type of stall bar you will find a mounting video.
Very important : Before you use the stall bar please make a strenght test.

10. Why the stall bars are being delivered disassembled?                       

The stall bars are delivered disassembled due to the cost of transport .
But they mount very easy, because the horizontal bars can be screwed in the sidebars .
You can find the mounting video for any stall bar.
Thank you for choosing Artimex Sport stall bars and for any other questions please contact us via email, chat or phone.


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